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  • Earn points by driving traffic and collect them to unlock valuable rewards!
    Coins serve as your virtual currency, allowing you to redeem them for various gifts. $50 =1 coin.
    You can track coins in a special calculator which is in your Everflow account
  • Begin reaping the rewards by redeeming your points for a wide array of dazzling presents available in our shop
  • Continuously repeat and strive for growth, as there are always new gifts awaiting your progress! To get your present - contact your manager and we will take care of everything
  • Points cannot be converted into currency
  • Rewards may not be sent to all the countries; delivery restrictions may apply. Rewards may be exchanged for similar Rewards
  • We provide no warranties
  • May be freeze points in case the account is inactive during three months or in other cases

xster loyalty program

Welcome to the XSTER Loyalty Program – where your eagerness is rewarded with a plethora of exclusive benefits!

Ready to transform your affiliate journey into a rewarding adventure? Join Xster today and let your loyalty open the door to a world of exciting rewards

  • AirPods Pro

    AirPods Pro

    600 coins

  • Smart Band 8

    Smart Band 8

    120 coins

  • Power bank Xiaomi

    Power bank Xiaomi

    46 coins

  • SSD

    SSD 1 TB

    130 coins

  • Netflix monthly subscription

    Netflix monthly subscription

    36 coins

  • Spotify yearly subscription

    Spotify yearly subscription

    198 coins

  • HMA VPN yearlysubscription

    HMA VPN yearlysubscription

    106 coins

  • Adplexity push

    Adplexity push

    298 coins

  • Adplexity native

    Adplexity native

    498 coins

  • ASOS gift card 100 EUR

    ASOS gift card 100 EUR

    200 coins

  • AirPods Max

    AirPods Max

    1200 coins

  • iPhone 15

    iPhone 15 Pro 512 GB

    3200 coins

  • JBL flip 6

    JBL flip 6

    300 coins

  • PlayStation 5

    PlayStation 5

    1200 coins

  • iPad 6 mini

    iPad 6 mini 256 gb

    1400 coins

  • Xiaomi Smart Humidifier

    Xiaomi Smart Humidifier 2

    120 coins